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Is it possible that something as "indulgent" as a steam room/shower can be good for us on all these levels?

Read further and decide for yourself!

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Considering a Steam Room?

  • Turn your shower into a spa
  • Good for your well being
  • Good for the environment
steam bath san diego ca

Already Have a Steam Room?

  • Not working like it used to?
  • Need repair, diagnostics, servicing?
  • Want warranty work?
steam bath san diego service

Overview of Services

  • What we do
  • Who we are
  • Why SteamDiego?

Considering a Sauna Room?
Visit our website, Saunafx.com

A Family of Professionals Since 1948

SteamDiego, a complete steam and sauna service located in San Diego, has been working
with steam rooms and dry saunas for over twenty years. Our comprehensive service


Consultation services covering all phases of steam room planning, installation, maintenance and repair.


We determine what’s wrong and make recommendations, preforming all repairs should you wish.


We are known for resolving issues that others have found intractable.


We can help you through the process and come up with various solutions for your approval.


We do both new and retrofit installations of steam units, controls, & fixtures.

Warranty Work

We're the acknowledged and defacto expert in sauna and steam units for San Diego County


We possess extensive knowledge of the complexities and nuances of steam unit functions & can quickly figure out the most troubling of issues.


We are familiar what needs to be tended to and can provide all required servicing.



SteamDiego offers and services a complete line of quality products for San Diego County. We are knowledgeable about the latest equipment, accessories and retrofit for existing installations.

We are experts in steam bath service, improvement, installation, renovation, remodel, recreation houses, clubhouses, commercial spas, resorts, golf clubs, hotels, condominium associations, residential applications, consulting and diagnostic.

We specialize in existing steam unit applications and their continuing operation, upgrades, along with replacement and conversion to digital controls

We are known for our creativity in problem solving and our tenacity in resolving issues where others have failed.


Client Testimonials

Steve Garber (SteamDiego and Garber Plumbing) is the best. He procured, installed, and maintained the steam generator for our steam room at our big and busy Yoga school. We’ve worked with him for over 10 years, and he’s the highest quality plumber / steamroom expert I’ve ever known. It’s the quality of his work, always done right, always done safely, to code, and with the best materials that let’s me sleep at night knowing all will work well and last. He’s honest and very fair, and is more than worth it. He has access and connection to great resources. An example of finding someone who will do it right the first time, rather than try to cut corners and have to have things redone, not last, and ultimately paying more for it. Steve is highly intelligent and creative. A very good and decent person. I trust no one more to call for any plumbing or steam room related issue.

Jim K.
San Diego, CA

five star

Jim K.San Diego, CA


Contact Us

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding your installation, repair or warranty needs.

    COVID-19/Coronavirus Procedures – Please Read:

    Currently, SteamDiego/SaunaFX requires that all clients and associates wear masks in our presence. This is for the protection of our clients, our employees, and everyone's families and friends.

    We thank you for your help and understanding during this challenging time.